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We are excited to offer these great new tees as part of the spring apparel fundraiser for Skunk Haven. Skunk Haven is a domesticated pet skunk rescue located in North Ridgeville,Ohio. We take in pet skunks people can no longer care for and pet skunks that are medically ill. We provide needed medical help, shelter and love until we can find their forever homes. Those that cannot be adopted will live the rest of their lives knowing they have cozy bed to sleep in, food, and love at the Skunk Sanctuary (we are a no kill Sanctuary).  Our Federal and State permits allow us to do educational programs with our skunks to teach the public more about our pets and how to live with wild skunks.  We are an international rescue and assistance group that will help anyone with their pet skunks. We are dedicated to collecting and distributing information on proper dietary health, medical treatments, and traditional and non-traditional recuperative processes. All of these efforts cost money, we are not funded by the government. Even one dollar helps buy food for the skunks. All money will go toward the skunks: medical supplies, food, bedding, toys, vet bills, etc.


For every t-shirt sold a $6 donation will given to Skunk Haven.

We and the skunks APPRECIATE your donation! 

The deadline for ordering items was May 13, 2018, this store is now closed.

Items purchased during this sale will NOT BE SHIPPED.


at check out to avoid paying shipping fees.

Apparel will be delivered to the Group Sales Coordinator in approximately 2 weeks

**Please note this Skunk Haven apparel is a custom order, therefore we will be unable to process returns or refunds on these items. **

Thank you for shopping at GTD Apparel! 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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